Posted by: thedailycrazy | January 5, 2009

02Jan09 – Man Pod

We have mobiles. We love sheds. Why don’t we have mobile sheds?

Many modern gardens are too small for sheds. Many flats don’t have gardens. The answer is a Man Pod. It is an egg-shaped, covered seat with a small desk. Made of wood, with room to seat just one person, the whole contraption is on wheels with a whole in the floor that allows the man to propel it along using his feet (think Flintstones). There is a window over the desk for natural light and so that the man can see where he is going. There is a drawer under the desk for tools, writing equipment, a bottle opener and a book. There is a cup holder for drinks. Simply wheel yourself to the bottom of the garden/somewhere with a sea view/a long way away from anyone who is going to try and make you do chores, and enjoy your solitude. No man could ask for more.

The Man Pod does not exist anywhere except in my imagination. Who thinks it is a goer??



  1. amazing! i love this idea. in fact i love everything about it. excellent work!

    • Would you buy one? Or do you think it should be made by the same man who occupies it?

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