Posted by: thedailycrazy | January 6, 2009

04Jan09 – Bird Tea

What don’t we make tea for birds?

There is a bird bath in my garden and at the moment it is permanently frozen. Occasionally I wander out with a kettle in hand to scald a few holes in the ice and last time a robin flew down soon afterwards to have a warm drink. It is hard to tell, but I think he enjoyed it.

This got me to thinking about the drinks we provide for birds. Whilst a huge variety of foods are available (fat balls, peanuts, breadcrumbs, thistle seeds, sunflower seeds, unidentifiable seeds…), it is water or nothing to drink. Howabout filling the bird bath with a colourful cocktail in the summer? Perhaps a bubbly elderflower presse (I bet they have never tried bubbles before) or a smoothie for the vitamin intake? For now though, as we are in the grips of a mighty cold winter, I think a nice bath of tea would go down a treat. Next time I might wander out to the bird bath with a teapot in hand…



  1. That is a great idea!!! Tea for all!!!

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