Posted by: thedailycrazy | January 7, 2009

07Jan09 – Be A Cat For A Day

We are watching everything you do

We are watching everything you do

Here’s an idea which works best if you have a pet cat. Strap a mini remote camera to its head (nicely) and watch what he/she does for a whole day. Live feed to your laptop, project it on to the wall, stock up on the beers – or drink of your choice – get some mates round and settle in for a 24hr cat marathon.

I don’t have any of the kit, or a cat, myself. If I used a neighbour’s cat it would be wrong for a number of reasons: a) molesting a cat that is not my own, b) viewing the live feed of a cat walking round someone else’s house, c) neighbours unlikely to return my camera.

Dogs/goldfish/hamsters would be dull. A wild pigeon would be good.

Who would come round and watch with me? Am I on to something here?



  1. I think you are on to something…I know my cats do nothing all day and I am so jealous of them!

    • Watching them do nothing wouldn’t be the thing. We need them to hunt, jump on to fences, crawl through undergrowth and beneath cars, stowaway on board a train that is crossing the country… In short, to have adventures. That would be something to watch.

  2. We have two cats. Ed, who is fat and wide and Gogurt, who is quick and lean. But they like to wrestle. Ed is actually quite good at paw slapping Gogurt into submission. Is there a market for Kitty Wrestling, not to be confused with Dog or Cock fighting.

  3. As long as no kitties get hurt, I could see it working! Sounds like we might have to find an alternative to Gogurt though…

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