Posted by: thedailycrazy | January 7, 2009

06Jan09 – Speed Camels

Could camels have been the world’s first speed cameras?

The horse-drawn carriage used to be the transport of choice a while back there. In a number of places there was concern about the speed of these vehicles and many people were trampled… to death. Suppose that speed limits had been introduced and strictly enforced using speed cameras. Thousands of lives could have been saved. But speed cameras hadn’t been invented and indeed they would prove to be the pinnacle of a further century of technological development. How could the carriage’s speed therefore have been clocked for law inforcement purposes? The answer clearly lies with camels. Speed camels.

Stop that carriage!

Stop that carriage!

Take one camel, train it to run no faster than the speed limit. Train a fleet of camels this way, calibrated to the original camel. They can then be ready to run alongside any carriages of suspicious velocity. Problem solved?


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