Posted by: thedailycrazy | January 9, 2009

09Jan09 – Fair Weather Worker

Making the most of the good days.

I live in the UK, where a clear and sunny day is not a common thing. For reasons that relate to the law of Murphy, a disproportionate number of these days will fall in the working week. I propose a flexible working system that means no work on good weather days (these include snowy days and sunny days), part-time work on OK weather days and lots of work on poor weather days.

This should also apply to schools and the same judgement would have to apply to ensure that parents and their children were off at the same time. Therefore, the weather forecast could include a rating (Good, OK or Poor) which would determine the working hours of the following day. No pressure guys.

My girlfriend IS in favour of this idea. Because she came up with it.


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