Posted by: thedailycrazy | January 12, 2009

12Jan09 – The Bank of Ideas

Would a bank of ideas work?

Let’s pretend that I am a banker of ideas. I lend you five ideas and one month you give me five ideas back (I already know them, it is symbolic) and one more idea. I now have six ideas to lend to the next borrower. Of course, you could give the ideas to others and bypass the bank, but that would reduce the value of the ideas to you (now they know as much as you do!) so let’s assume that you tend not to. If you return the ideas safely to me, with the extra idea, then you are free to borrow some more of the ideas that other customers have brought me in the meantime.

My first thought was that this wouldn’t work because ideas are not a scarce resource. But then I thought that crazy ideas ARE actually a scarce resource and I value them quite highly when people share them with me. So let’s call it The Bank of Crazy Ideas.

My second thought was that this wouldn’t work because ideas, unlike money (recent banking practices excluded), can be in more than one place at a time. When you give ideas to someone else you still have them yourself. This may necessitate the invention of a device that would wipe your mind of the idea as soon as you had passed it on.

If I could invent a idea-wiping device, would this work? What other rules would I need in place? I want this to be a well regulated banking system…


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