Posted by: thedailycrazy | January 14, 2009

15Jan09 – Garden Eruption

Garden water features use large amounts of electricity in pumping and are two-a-penny these days. ‘Volcanic features’ are destined to be the new thing in crazy gardening. I see it like this: you get the diggers in to drill as if you were going to heat your house geothermically, but instead you funnel the heat up and out in to the open air through a scale model of Mt. Etna, or another volcano of your choice. There is a narrow nozzle at the summit of said volcano, so that the heat of mother earth whistles out and in winter will create an attractive steamy plume. Ideally there is also a hatch on the side of the volcano that can be opened and water poured down to create a ‘Geysir’ effect – but I am not too hot on the physics of this. Technically I suspect that none of this is volcanic (just geothermic?) but it looks like a volcano and volcanic feature sounds better so that is how it is going to be.

That’s my plan anyway. You can put your advance orders in now, so who’s in?

Which one would you rather have in your garden?

Which one would you rather have in your garden?

Fake snow to top the crater rim, minature houses, model vineyards for the lower slopes and a lava flow attachment will all be available at extra cost


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