Posted by: thedailycrazy | January 19, 2009

21Jan09 – Can You Write An Obama Limerick?

Rhyme with me people

Rhyme with me people

There once was a great man called Barack
who thought he’d give the White House a crack
He said a quick NO
to Guantanamo
thus proving that he had the knack

That’s my effort, you can beat it! Extra points for rhyming with Obama…!



  1. Hi,
    I love your limerick. I am from the city of Limerick, and love writing amusing poems, so may try my hand at this one.
    Keep it up.

    • I am glad to hear you are keeping up the reputation of the city french… I am from near Bath and I love having baths – we must ensure that these traditions do not die!

  2. no

    • Come on Davis, YES WE CAN. OK, that’s going to get annoying today…

  3. there was a yound boy called Obama
    Who was frightened of being a farmer
    for one day scared by cattle
    (who followed his rattle)
    he lifted the roof with his drama

    not sure of the presidential relevence, but it makes a good story.

  4. Extra points duly awarded Marigold. Do the electorate realise that he is scared of cattle? Would this alter their opinion of him? Important questions for us all.

  5. There once was a man named Obama
    Who rode into town on a llama
    Truth doesn’t matter
    As long as you flatter
    Only four more years of this drama.

  6. Right Daily Crazy, here is my attempt as promised.

    There once was a chap called Barack
    With great ideas which he didn’t lack
    He aimed for the White House
    Kicking Bush out on his flat arse
    And we were all glad that he got the sack

  7. Can you find a good rhyme for “Obama”?
    If “Obama” rhymes well with a “bummer”,
    it implies nothing more
    than we stated before:
    our choices are getting much dumber…

  8. Obama hails from Ireland
    He claims it’s a pretty little island
    He’s sitting in the big house
    like a little black mouse
    and now the world is a lot less violent.

  9. There was a cool dude called Obama
    Whose grandad was a Muslim farmer
    Tho Barack don’t follow Koran
    He still has a plan
    Which don’t exist, so it sure won’t harm ya.

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