Posted by: thedailycrazy | February 16, 2009

12Feb09 – Messages in the Sky

Moulding flocks to make messages in the sky

Starlings flock together in huge numbers at this time of year in a number of places across Europe. Around Christmas I was lucky enough to witness the phenomenon first hand, on the Somerset levels in the South West of England.

Starling flock

Starling flock

It occured to me that it would be rather a grand romantic gesture to be able to coordinate these birds – by using a small group of trained falcons* – and to shape their giant wheeling flocks in to messages of love. Perhaps a passable heart shape (rather than a sentence!) should be the extent of my ambitions, but I think that would be impressive enough.

*this may mean nothing to the majority of readers, but I am imagining an ariel version of one man and his dog


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