Posted by: thedailycrazy | February 16, 2009

14Feb09 – Rubbish Raft

A raft, a fine craft, made of rubbish

This was one of the crazy ideas that prompted me to start this blog so I have no idea why I haven’t posted it yet.

Basically I want to find a shed somewhere near the river (my nearest river at the moment is the Thames – that’s in England) and build a raft entirely out of rubbish and recycled bits and pieces. I want it to be big enough to have a cabin and I want it to look as much as possible like the Kon-Tiki.

It would be awesome if people brought handy bits of rubbish along and even helped with the construction. I could provide beers (or ginger ale for minors) and music (recorded) while everyone pitched in. Then we could set sail and have a big party on it all the way to and through London, raising awareness of recycling as we went.

Has anyone got a shed near the river that I could use?



  1. wow what a cool idea!

  2. Hey I like your blog, hope the raft all comes together, I’ll keep my eye out on the evening news for your epic 1st journey

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