Posted by: thedailycrazy | February 17, 2009

16Feb09 – Girls of Many Nations

Should one aim to have relations with girls/boys of many nations?

Have a listen to Billy Bragg, he’s written some great (if often angry!) lyrics. I think the Best of.. is worth a purchase.

Anyway, on to my thought. His song ‘Sexuality’ features the lyrics “I’ve had relations, with girls of many nations”. I was listening to this the other day and it reminded me of a thought I have had before. Is it a good aim to have ‘relations’ (this can mean whatever you want, depending how liberal you are) with someone from every major ethnic group over your lifetime? I think it could be. Every nation would be pretty tough, but other ‘lists’ include: every major religion, a list of occupations (e.g. stewardess, nurse, let’s not be so cliched, scientist, accountant, tree surgeon…) or girls whose names begin with each and every letter of the alphabet.

All healthy fun, I’m sure you’d agree?


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