Posted by: thedailycrazy | February 20, 2009

17Feb09 – Random Pub Names

'The Rasping Lung' may not make for an enticing sign

'The Rasping Lung' may not make for an enticing sign

There are a lot of random pub names out there these days. Some people bemoan the fact that traditional names like The Queen’s Head or The Red Lion are being replaced. I don’t. There are more than enough Red Lions to go around and these names have no local relevance anyway. Most of them refer to royalty or coats of arms or other things that have very little to do with the communities that have traditionally frequented pubs.

So, let’s embrace some new names and some locally relevant names I say. If I owned a pub, here’s a list of names I would consider:

  • The Flighty Mare (my local is near a racecourse)
  • The Rasping Lung (in honour of the smoking ban)
  • The Pickled Egg (I come from Somerset)
  • The Sod of Earth
  • The Wild and Freaky Hermit (you know who you are)

 Any good names near you already? Any ideas for renaming your local?



  1. hey,thanks for stopping by my blog. Random pub name… You got me..I think i gotta ask around and get back to you…haha

  2. The Kippers and Fags! (though this isn’t original – it’s already the name of a convenience store in east london)

    • You’d be hard pressed to find either Kippers or Fags in a pub these days! Good name.

  3. I saw one when I lived in Brisbane called “The Rat & Parrot”
    I hope that wasn’t reffering to their menu….

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