Posted by: thedailycrazy | February 20, 2009

18Feb09 – Urban Vineyards

Utilising urban spaces for the production of wine

Growing vines on flat roofs, balconies, in parks and squares. There are lots of little sun-traps in urban spaces and added together they could make mini wine-growing regions. West Bromwich could be the new Loire Valley and Salford could be the new La Rioja.

Salford Quays

Salford Quays

Imagine the community spirit that would be engendered by turning the local community halls into wineries at harvest time. Picture teams of enthusiasts going out to pick the grapes. It would be a wonderful thing, and all the profits could go to community projects.

La Rioja - spot the difference

La Rioja - spot the difference



  1. I planted a grapevine this year, don’t know how successful it we be, I can but wait for grapes

    • Thanks for your comments Tony – much appreciated! Good luck with the grapevine. I looked after my parent’s olive tree once – while they were travelling for a year – and it died within weeks. I guess you stand a better chance with these warm weather species in Australia than I do here in the UK though!

  2. They have one in Paris – you should check it out!

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