Posted by: thedailycrazy | February 23, 2009

21Feb09 – Anti Champagne

Would it be possible to construct a drink where – instead of bubbles forming and rising to the top – solid little balls formed out of the liquid and dropped to the bottom?!

If you didn’t drink it quickly enough, you’d end up with more and more solid at the bottom.



  1. Hmmm…
    Interesting concept. It would be even better if they could form as chocolate balls like mini Maltesers

    • That would be awesome. Except that Maltesers would definitely float, and form a sort of barrier to the drink that would likely result in the spilling of champagne down your shirt. You’ve got to think these things through!

  2. What would they do in your stomach?

    • This seemed like a killer point. For a moment my dreams of Anti Champagne were off the drinks menu. But then I thought, what does any solid do in your stomach? It would just get digested and passed through and – unlike with bubbles – you wouldn’t get gas. Perfecto, no?

  3. You win!

  4. Oh I didn’t think it through very well at all did I, Chocolate coated small stones would probably stay sunk…

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