Posted by: thedailycrazy | March 9, 2009

23Feb09 – The Lark Ascending

Skylarks are an amazing song bird we get here in the UK.  At this time of year – at least when the weather is mild – they start to really get singing.  They start out on the ground and fly upwards, vertically, letting out a beautiful and complex song.  There is a wonderful piece of classical music that mimics this song, called The Lark Ascending.  If you don’t know it already, hunt it down, lie on your back with your eyes closed and just listen to it.  If you don’t feel yourself rising in to the sky, I’ll be dammed. Not literally, I wouldn’t want to be dammed for something as trivial as that.

Anyway, I think they sound better than canaries and other birds that are captured and caged for their song and yet I have never heard of a caged skylark.  Is this because they have to fly up and up and away in order to sing??  Are they singing in joy at their freedom??

Howabout setting up a 50ft high cage and keeping a skylark in that, so it could ascend whenever it wanted and sing away as it did so.

TheDailyCrazy does not advocate the caging of wild birds. Quite the opposite.


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