Posted by: thedailycrazy | March 11, 2009

Walking Bath

A bath you can walk along in.

I like baths but I am quite tall and lanky and I can’t always submerge myself as fully as I would like.  I see three potential solutions to this.  Take a vertical (i.e. a shower), get a really long bath (I don’t have room) or have a stand-up bath.  Do baths that you stand in exist?  Like a shower cubicle that fills up??   How cool would that be, standing in there as it filled up, like one of those scenes in a movie where everyone is about to drown, but nicer.

The logical next step is to invent a stand up bath with leg parts (a separate bit for each leg) that you can walk along in, so that you can carry on about your business whilst still being ‘in the bath’.  I did say logical, not practical.

I’m working on it. Not hard, but I am working on it.



  1. Yes, they do exist, but I’m not sure where. My wife keeps lobbying for one. Surely a Google search would turn up something.

  2. A stand up bath is what Houdini used to escape from, innit?

  3. This post started of quite sensible the just got crazy in the 2nd paragraph

    • I can only do sensible in limited doses!

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