Posted by: thedailycrazy | March 18, 2009

A Blog a day is mighty hard

I have some catching up to do. Anyone who wants to help, throw a crazy idea at me. Today’s comment could be tomorrow’s post. Let’s be honest, it WILL be tomorrow’s post.Β In these tough times we need to pull together.



  1. How about a McDonald’s expose’

  2. Haha.
    I have no ideas for you, sorry, but I JUST couldn’t resist leaving a comment.
    Share the non-creativity, leave me a useless comment.

  3. You could write about mustaches (ask Tony) or animals are always good for a laugh. Write about somebody you thought was rude or a strange phone call you got. Something from work/school or your morning commute. There is a whole world out there to mock!

  4. How about a dating method called ‘blind cooking’ – although this may result in some severe burns if carried out literally, perhaps a restaurant where people can meet and make food together, and the real tester is when they have to do the dishes!

  5. By the way.
    You should put up a new post because I already random-commented this one.

  6. photos & stories about your pet, if you have one….

  7. why not post a completely empty post (indicative of being out of posts) also then you wont have to use my post to post your post. So it will count as a new post not an old post that was posted or re-posted just so you could post a post IYSWIM πŸ™‚

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