Posted by: thedailycrazy | January 6, 2010

This post will enrich your life

These links are incredible

This is going to be a post with a lot of links in it. Links that are not related in any way to the extremely boring text that comprises this post. If you click on a link I will guarantee three things: that it will not be offensive in any way, that it will not have anything to do with the word(s) to which it is linked and that it will enrich your life. Actually I cannot guarantee that last thing, but I will try.

So, I need a few more words to link to. As good a reason as any for starting a second paragraph and introducing the subject of laminated work surfaces. They are more robust and they will wipe clean with the minimum of fuss.



  1. This reply is in response to your post containing the links. It is in no way an interesting reply, and contains nothing of value to you whatsoever. I will only guarantee two things in this reply, and that is that you will not find any links embedded in this text, and that you will find no content herein listing the benefits of laminated work surfaces or champagne napkin rings.

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