The Crazy Philosophy

I have a lot of crazy ideas. Sometimes I realise that they are crazy, other times I am deadly serious about them and other people tell me that they are crazy. Either way I enjoy them and my ambition is always to make more of them come to fruition. Yes, I am better at having crazy ideas that creating crazy realities. For now.

The aims of this blog are fourfold:

  • To make a record of those crazy ideas that would previously have been lost on Post-It Notes, in forgotten conversations or in untidy notebooks
  • To bring a little bit more crazy in to my life by ensuring that I don’t miss a day
  • To share my crazy ideas with anyone who is interested (and who knows, someone might want to help me bring a few to fruition)
  • To get your crazy input. Which ideas are good crazy and which are bad crazy? Should I give up my job to pursue this one? Should I be institutionalised for suggesting that one?

I hope you find something fun to read here and your comments will be welcomed, especially the crazy ones!



  1. I think your crazy blog is fab. Thanks for sharing your craziness. There just isn’t enough crazy stuff in the World. Well, maybe there is, but not the good kind. Keep at it! At least we’ll know what you’re playing at.

    • We need to up the good crazy, you are quite right.

  2. Found you through Planetross, just in case you wondered how I wandered in to this crazy place of yours.

  3. Nice blog, keep posting good crazy ideas 🙂

  4. Bringing crazy ideas to fruition on a blog about Crazy Ideas???
    That’s Crazy!!!
    Or as the funny little man on The Princess Bride would say “Inconceivable!!!”

  5. Keep with the crazy – the world needs less conventional crap. 🙂

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